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Lansing Update publishes on Fridays when the Michigan Legislature is in session and chronicles legislative activity of interest to Michigan Catholic Conference. Join the Catholic Advocacy Network to receive Lansing Update in your inbox.

    Legislature Finishes Budget in Dramatic Fashion; Abortion Providers Use Proposal 3 to Get Judge to Block Laws Limiting Abortion

    The front of the Michigan State Capitol building.

    The Legislature unveiled and passed a final budget in the midst of a marathon overnight session this week. MCC staff provide a first glance at both the good news and bad news on state funding for nonpublic schools as well as programs to help the poor and vulnerable. Also this week, a judge blocked enforcement of several laws that limit abortion and protect the health and safety of women. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Update on Budget Items of Interest to Catholics

    The interior of the Michigan State Capitol building’s dome.

    As lawmakers set their sights on finishing the state budget for next year, here’s a look at some critical funding pieces of interest to Catholics, from help for the poor to funding for nonpublic schools. Read about that, as well as the Church’s great feast day today, in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Righting a Wrong Against Foster Kids

    A young girl smiles at the camera while standing in front of her foster parents.

    New legislation supported by MCC would stop the state’s practice of seizing foster kids’ benefits and instead ensure those funds are protected for foster kids’ use when they exit care. Read about this issue, as well as an update on where the legislative schedule stands, in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Another Attempt to Restore Nonpublic School Funding Rejected

    Two young girls in school uniforms taking a test in the classroom

    Efforts to amend the state budget in the Senate to include nonpublic schools in safety funding and other initiatives fell short this week. However, the budget process still isn’t over. Read about where things stand, as well updates on legislation to promote awareness of safe gun storage requirements and shed light on payday lending practices, in this week’s Lansing Update.

    House Budget Snubs Nonpublic Schools on Safety Funding

    Two smiling children in school uniforms, both eating apples.

    Not a single penny for school safety or mental health service funding was proposed for nonpublic schools in the House’s first draft of next year’s school spending plan. While nonpublic schools didn’t receive any of MCC’s requested funding, it’s not over yet. Also this week, MCC supported important legislation that builds on the implementation of safe storage requirements for keeping guns at home and away from kids. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Lawmakers Propose Restoring Some Planned Cuts to Nonpublic Schools

    Students in class at a Catholic school.

    After more than 4,000 messages sent to lawmakers from grassroots advocates, lawmakers proposed a school spending budget this week that restored some funding cuts to nonpublic schools that were proposed by the Governor—but not everything. Plus, MCC testified in support of capping predatory payday lending rates, and is calling on Catholics to urge their representatives to do the same. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

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